Requisites for Al Qudra camping

One of the most loved things to do during this season here in Dubai is to go on a desert outdoors. Envision entire day sun, clear blue skies, cool wind while in an excellent desert scene. It’s a camper’s fantasy. Apart from these, camper should be aware about the requisites for Al Qudra camping as well.
Al Qudra Lakes is a man-made lake that ranges up to 10 hectares and home to in excess of 100 types of winged creatures including transitory fowls. A brilliant spot to camp with loved ones.

Requisites for overnight camping

1. Tent

2. Pillows and blankets
4.Torch or lights.
5.Charcoal and lighter.
7.Bring other kitchen fundamentals you think you’ll require, Also enough drinking water and dispensable cups, plates, and so forth Above all, dark packs to return all your loss to remove with you from Al Qudra. What’s dismal is that numerous campers abandon their rubbish dissipated all over the place.

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