A beautiful place to gather with your loved ones: Al Qudra

Dubai has many astounding spots that you can consider, from the biggest shopping centers on the planet to the high and brilliantly planned structures. One of Dubai must-visit places is Al Qudra.

Al Qudra is a spot for nature sweethearts. This spot situated in Saih Al Salam desert on Dubai’s southern edges. Directly in the desert, in the wide hills, you can see yourself in something contrary to Dubai’s high rises. In the desert, there are human-made lakes, many desert plants, and in excess of 100 sorts of flying creatures.

Al Qudra desert is 50 kilometers from Burj Khalifa, the desert is adequately huge to be seen on Google Earth, in light of the affection lakes. The picture of these lakes from Google Earth shows two joint heart with “adoration” on the side. The love lakes are 10 minutes from Al Qudra lake.

The love lakes likewise incorporate four loosening up zones for the guests to rest there with 20 seats. The seats are produced using climate companion materials. Grill zones are likewise accessible. The exceptionally unrivaled thing about this spot is that there is a little high spot inside one of the heart-formed branches where it tends to be reached through a wooden scaffold and it is an advantageous spot to appreciate the nightfall view and take pictures.

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