A vast area for cycling enthusiasts – Al Qudra cycling track

al-qudra-cycling-trackAl Qudra cycling track is an incredible cycling track, around a little ways from Downtown Dubai out into the desert. For cycling lovers, Al Qudra Cycling Track in Dubai is a heaven.

This 100 km track is loaded up with cycling fans from various pieces of the world since a large number of the spots in as far as possible are not sanctioning cycling. Yet, Al Qudra cycling track is available to those from Middle Aged Men in Lycra to Sunday Morning Strollers and for rollerbladers too.

The two noticeable beginning focuses, the primary comes when you drive east out of Dubai, near Arabian Ranches and Studio city. From that point you can pedal your cycle to the Stick which is a long, straight track that comes Al Quadra Road.

The subsequent beginning point comes after 18 km up from the first and it is a hive of exercises. Here, the ZAD Stores offers everything that aids your cycling. The Al Qudra Cycle Course extends into the desert and permits the rider admittance to an uninterrupted 85km circle.

cyclingA fledgling can finish up to 50 km circle in two hours and furthermore, night riders can take the stick which is a 36 km full circle. Different gatherings of master cyclists can be seen on the track routinely.

The quiet encompassing gives the track an extraordinary wonder. That is the reason Al Quadra is kept out from some other cycling track in the city. The track isn’t so testing yet there are some long and straight stretches, couple of slopes and hills on the sides.

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