Camping Near Al Qudra Lake


Al Qudra Lake has become a most loved amusement spot for the natives of Dubai. This place offers an advantageous getaway from the city. Moreover the place offers variety of fun pursuits that ensures you get an opportunity to loosen up and have fun. Camping near Al Qudra lake is one among them. Al qudra lake is a place that shoud always captivate the mind of outdoor enthusiasts.

A quick glimpse over Al Qudra lake

Al Qudra Lake is a man-made desert oasis that was built to develop eco-tourism in Dubai. It involves different pretended lakes, encircled by sand hills and fauna. The fascination picked up prevalence in 2015 for its real desert vibe and isolation.

At first, simply an outdoors recognize, this piece of Al Qudra Desert has extended to incorporate a scope of exercises that offer guests the opportunity to investigate the wild and all that it offers. Al Qudra Lake likewise stays well known among campers and positions among the best BBQ spots in Dubai. Pack up the BBQ stuff and escape to this wonderful desert spring for a weekend will definitely worth your time.

Set up a canvas and camp the night away

Al Qudra Lake is one of the supreme camping spots in UAE. The lakes, encircled by the sand ridges offer an excellent backdrop for BBQ, sky-watching and overnight camping. The place is usually overcrowded on weekends, however you can always locate an isolate spot to set up your tent.
campingCamping in Al Qudra is a free outdoor activity in Dubai. But, you have to ensure you’re ready for it. Fetch all the camping equipments with you. If you missed anything no need to worry you can purchase all the camping gears from nearby ZAD Stores.

Favourite spot for cycling enthusiasts

On account of the enormous 86km way present at the area, cycling is one of the most famous exercises at Al Qudra. The cycling track here is known to be extraordinary compared to other cycling trails in Dubai and is the ideal spot to go to in the event that you are searching for an approach to get fit in an open air setting. Here you’ll have the option to discover a blend of both beginner and expert cyclists riding through the sand hills in the desert.

Take a huge bite and be relished away at ZAD food stores


A busy day of exploring all the new activities at Al Qudra will surely ends with a hunger. So on the off chance that you need a light meal to refresh, simply head over to the ZAD food stores at Al Qudra which is known to be probably the best zone to meet all your food cravings.

Location: Seih Al Salam, Dubai
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