Cycling Safety Tips- 10 Cycling Tips for Staying Safe While Cycling

1) Wear a Safety Gears
There is never 100% assurance that the safety gears will save your life but it’s always going to give you better odds than going bare-headed and only utilize certified equipment
safety gears

2) Be visible
Wear a dress with bright color and reflective clothing, especially in rainy, fog, and evening timesdress

3) Sun protection measures
Always use sunglass. Apply sunscreen, especially to the back of your neck. Always try to wear long sleeve dress with breathable fabric.
sun measures

4) Be alert
Don’t use earbuds or a phone while cycling. You need to hear everything as possible as you earphones

5) Get creative with your routes
When you’re cycling, getting there in one piece is more important than getting there faster. Choose roads that are extremely wide or have dedicated cycling lanes.
cycling lane

6) Bring water for longer rides
We must bring water with us on longer journeys because hydration is crucial for cycling and we obviously need it.
cycling water

7) Use body language and make noise
If you can’t grab a driver’s attention through eye contact, try waving your arm, shouting, or striking a bell or other loud noisemaker.
cyclist hand signal

8) Use front and rear lights
Use the front and rear lights at any and all times to stay visible at night, during foggy and rainy times
cycling lights

9) Always ready to Yield
Drivers should learn to share the road, but you can’t make them. What you can do is go slowly enough that you could stop or give the right of way at a moment’s notice.
cyclist sharing roads

10) Dump the old hand signals—use ones that drivers understand.
Signal a left turn or lane change by holding your left arm out to the left side of your body; signal a right turn by holding your right arm out to the right side of your body.

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