Explore the paradise of Dubai – Al Qudra Lake

Dubai is the city of things to come with its bewildering set of cutting edge structures. However, notwithstanding all that Dubai has to bring to the table, in some cases you need to move away from it all. Simply a short 30-minute drive from the city is the enchanting man-made desert spring, Al Qudra. This green heaven is an incredible spot for outdoors and picnics. In this way, drop everything and advance over to Al Qudra and explore the paradise of dubai.

Explore the paradise of dubai

Al Qudra Lake is a top choice among local people. What’s more, it’s no big surprise since the dazzling lakes are encircled by lavish greenery. The lake is one of only a handful few places left in Dubai with a sound untamed life populace. Ardent feathered creature watchers can celebrate as the lake is home to around 200 types of winged animals. Indeed, even imperiled winged animals, for example, the Steppe Eagle and the Asian Houbara, consider Al Qudra Lake their home.

Enjoy various fun pursuits

Take a walk around the peaceful lakeside. Other than taking a walk, around are a lot of activities. You can take a relaxed bike ride around the assigned Al Qudra Cycle Track, which circumvents the lakes. There are likewise assigned outdoors spots for the individuals who need to go through a night in the wild deserts of Dubai. In the event that you are feeling hungry, there are a lot of food trucks around the lake offering lip-smackingly great food.

Have an outing or BBQ

Pack yourself a sound lunch and eat it while sitting by the tranquil lake. Try not to stress over the warmth as there are a lot of trees to give conceal. Al Qudra Lake is additionally quite possibly the most mainstream spots in Dubai to host a BBQ get-together. Catch the nightfall here while setting up your grill and appreciate the peaceful landscape. Make sure to bring your BBQ stand and tidy the zone up after you are finished.

Hit the love lake

In the event that you are visiting Al Qudra Lake, make certain to visit the close by Instagram well known Love Lake. It’s found just 700metres away from Al Qudra. This over the top lake shows two heart-molded lakes laced along with palm trees planted int the state of the word ‘love.’

Supreme time to visit the lake

Something to be thankful for about the lake is that it doesn’t have set timings. It is available to the general population for the duration of the day on throughout the times of the week. In this way, you can visit it whenever you need. Yet, the best an ideal opportunity to visit Al Qudra Lake and completely appreciate it is throughout the cold weather months when the sun isn’t burning splendid.

Way to Al Qudra lake

Al Qudra is situated around 10 miles east of Al Maktoum Airport, directly along the Al Qudra Road (D63). The lake is effectively available through Dubai Ail Ain Road or Emirates Road. The most ideal approach to get to the lake is via vehicle since there is a bit of rough terrain driving required. The region is very simple to discover with clear markers on Google Maps and signs paving the way to the region. Remember there is no road lighting, so it’s ideal to leave before it gets dull.

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