Are you ready for Love at first sip?


Flick on the fun and make your day extra “super” with super star inspired milkshakes with us. We have so many possible options and flavor combinations of milkshakes to choose from, you won’t know where to start!

Zad promise a fresh fruit taste in every sip and we are offering our customers, the best milkshakes experience they can have, with the finest ingredients with the most creative and innovative flavors.

We are serving classic milkshake with Original vanilla in a lip smacking and delightful way! Zad’s special strawberry milkshake is a fusion of berries that stays long in your taste buds.

Zad provides thick and creamy milkshake that makes everyone chill under the hot weather. End your thirst with the taste of Zad food stores.

Get into the world of most loved milkshakes and feel the best flavour for your taste.

Get into the wide range of world’s famous chocoshakes and shake your celebrations with us.


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