Sip the love


Slushies at Zad food stores will always keep your spirits up. Make every moment melt-in-the-mouth with the unbeatable taste of the slushies from Zad food stores.

We deliver essence-free and feasibly-blended drinks and thus you can choose the flavour frequency that best fits your taste.Relish pure fruit juices that are free from anything artificial. The taste is so clean and pure.

Zad food stores is a health bar concept with the simple aim of providing customers with great tasting and nutritious juices.

We make our slushies raw, alive and freshly pressed. It is completely natural and free from preservatives. A vibrant and tangy orange juice with sour and sweet sensation is a precise drink in Zad food stores.

We have variety of fleshy slushies with exotic flavour to fill your tummy. Zad offers sweetness overloaded Red bull energy drink to have an energetic kick start for a wonderful day.

Slushies here have a tempting look and spectacular taste that refresh everyone’s mind. Zad’s menu include rare and exotic flavours of lip-smacking drinks.

Zad is the only place in Al Qudra providing gratifying juices according to your taste.

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