Head down to Zad food stores if you are a smoothie freak and here we have different flavours of smoothies.

Zad food store’s humble beginnings started with a passion to create the best smoothies. If there’s ever smoothie on the moon, we’ll be the ones serving it.

For those with smoothie indulgence, come and quench your desires with our seasonally inspired small cups of smoothies.

Fall in love with a Cuddle cup specially designed for a smoothie experience. Cuddle it in both hands to create the ultimate experience of coziness chill & fragrance.

Zad food store is the perfect place to find a dreamy creamy smoothie that always delights the amazingly tempting flavours.

Here we assure every sip made with love, milk, sugar and the finest ingredients in the most hygenic atmosphere.We offer the comforting and delightful smoothies to your dining. Enjoy the yummier side of life with us.

What makes Zad’s smoothie favourite among our customers is its authentic flavour that we’ve been preserving all through our culinary journey.

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